We view complaints as a valuable source of information which we can use to improve the quality of our services.

People who use our services have the right to complain. This right is extended to their parents, carers, advocates, professionals and members of the public. A complaint can be about any area of activity undertaken by the Mayfield Trust as an organisation or the individual actions of our employees or volunteers.

If you have a complaint please write to the Operations Manager or email us giving full details. On receipt we will contact you within 2 days and aim to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 2 weeks. Should a detailed investigation be needed and it is likely to take longer than 2 weeks we will keep you informed of developments. If after receiving a reply from us you are not happy with the result, you have the right of appeal, which should be in writing, to the Chair of Trustees.

For any unresolved complaints you have the right to contact the Local Authority or the Commission for Social Care Inspection. We will give you the appropriate contact names and addresses on request.