Current projects

New extension completed

The new extension at Gibraltar Road is now complete the 2 residents that were looking forward to moving in have settled in very nicely and are really pleased with their new home.

New extension for Gibraltar Nursing Home

October 2009 finally saw the start of the long awaited extension at Gibraltar Road Nursing Home. Work is progressing very well and at this present time plastering within the home is taking place. The completion date is expected to be the 7th May 2010 2 of the people we support are very excited and looking forward to moving into their new home.

Mayfield House

Recently we converted one of the lounges into a downstairs bedroom for the benefit of a long term resident whose mobility has drastically deteriorated. In order to replace the lost lounge we are currently negotiating with the Local Planning Department regarding the construction of a conservatory for the benefit of everyone who lives there. Funding is in progress for the conservatory and to date the estimated cost is £10,800.

Original plans were drawn up for the conservatory but due to some complications this never got off the ground. However all was not lost; with a lot of hard work and reconstruction of the ground floor the residents now have a fantastic Sensory Room full of brilliant colours and sounds.

After reviewing everyone's needs it was decided to turn an unused bathroom into a smaller office space. This made way for the old office/storage space to be turned into the sensory room. It now has been completed and is full of some fabulous entertainment equipment and furniture which is being used extensively and much enjoyed by everyone.

Below pictures of the old office/storage and The new Sensory Room

For many years the rear garden at Mayfield House has been neglected but recently work has started to create a lovely sensory garden. We are working on this project, in partnership with two other organisations who share our values. In addition to the residents some of the young people from Ravenscliffe High School and the Next Step Trust will be able to access the garden and its facilities for pleasure and if they wish, learn new skills.

Above photos of the garden as it used to be and work in progress.Below what a wonderful transformation

Out of School schemes

We run these services purely on a voluntary basis. Whilst there is no formal agreement, funding is received from the Local Authority to contribute towards the costs. Our own fundraising events and parental contributions all help. However to maintain the services on a year by year basis we need donations from companies and individuals who appreciate the benefits gained by young people and their parents.

If you would like to help us with any of these projects please contact Rose Shaw, our fundraising Co-ordinator for more information.

This page and our news pages will reflect any changes to circumstances as and when they occur.