Learning and development

Janice and Gary are now delivering courses from their very own training room. It is based at unit 8C on the ground floor, at Calderdale Business Park, Club Lane HX2 8DB 

Janice Kershaw

Janice has worked  for The Mayfield Trust for 16 years and has a great deal of experience in working with people with learning disabilities in various roles. Janice is our Training and Development Officer.

She provides training in:

First Aid,

Emergency First Aid This is a full days training  and covers emergency first aid practices and the use of AEDs.

Equality & Diversity, 

Suitable for people from any sector. Focusses on the 9 protected characteristics.

Infection Control,

This training explains how to break the chain in the control of infection and looks at some of the pathogens that cause it.

Food Safety, 

This course is delivered at level 2 and dispels some of the myths surrounding food safety. Learn how “Safer Food Better Business” can improve your ratings.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling/People Handling

We have equipment such as a hoist and profiling bed which enables us to provide a full  people handling experience. These can be tailor made to your requirements.

Nutrition & Hydration. 

Explore the principles of healthy eating and the problems some people face in achieving it.

Gary Murray

Gary is our Health and Safety Officer. He has worked  for The Mayfield Trust for over 20 years and has lots of experience with people with learning difficulties.

He provides training in:

Health and Safety 

This Training is based around HSG 220 Health and Safety in Care homes.

We can adapt our training to your organisation and specifications. 

Fire Safety         

Fire Training consists of a full day or half day. The training can be adapted to your environment and specification. 


This is a comprehensive course which is both informative and thought provoki

Positive Risk Assessment.  

This training focuses on a Person -Centred approach to risk assessment.

Janice and Gary use a variety of assessment methods which aim to provide people with an individual learning experience.

They take into account different learning styles to help individuals achieve their utmost potential in a relaxed atmosphere.

Come and see us or give us a call. We can deliver training courses to groups of your own staff members, or you could drop onto one of our sessions. We are a friendly bunch.

for further information Contact

The Mayfield Trust

Training Services

Horley Green Rd




Telephone 01422 322552 and speak to Janice or Gary or email;

j.kershaw@mayfield-trust.org.uk  or   g.murray@mayfield-trust.org.uk