Outreach Service


Outreach Service


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for children, young people, and adults with learning difficulties living in Calderdale.
Our aims are to recognise the unique value of each individual by helping them to meet their needs in a professional and dedicated way.To create an open and caring environment based on promoting choice, independence and full participation in the community. We promote and encourage Equal Opportunities for everyone irrespective of their sex, age, marital status, racial or ethnic origin or physical disability. We oppose any form of discrimination.
The outreach staff are selected for their caring and positive attitudes. Prior to starting all staff have to have a D.B.S disclosure, full induction and references are required. We provide ongoing training and support to ensure staff are providing the support to meet the needs of each individual. We are inspected by Social Services and the Care Quality Commission to ensure we continue to provide an excellent service at all times.
The Mayfield Trust Outreach Service offers-
1:1 support or 2:1 if required.Support in the home including personal care.Support to go to college/workplace.
Support that enables people to take part in leisure activities of their choice in the Community.
Service Arrangements;
Referrals to The Mayfield Trust can be made by Social Services or paid throughDirect Payments or the Independent Living Fund (ILF)
Costs - Via Direct Payments or Individual Service Fund.
Direct Payment is  £15.00 per hour
Individual Service Fund is £15.00 per hour.

Activities/Travel Costs - The service user pays for their own activities/expenses, for example - entry tickets, food or drinks. All support workers activity and travel costs are included in the price per hour we charge subject to certain limitations.



Our Outreach Vehicles

We currently have access to four vehicles, Two wheelchair adapted minibus one with 13 seats and the other with 16. We then have one wheelchair adapted people carrier and one wheelchiar adapted car.




The Outreach Service Manager is Carol Cockcroft and the Co-ordinator is Katie Galvin

 Outreach contact Number is 07872038244

Office 01422 254095