About Us

We are a local charity for local people; Calderdale has been our home since 1950 boasting 68 years’ experience helping people live life to the full.  We were the first charity in Calderdale to offer this support and we are driven by those we support. We aim to create and open and caring environment based on promoting choice, independence, person centred care and active citizenship.

We are a person led provider; everything we do is focused in support of what people want. We support people in their homes; therefore our focus is to deliver our support which aligns with each person individually. We achieve this by involving the person receiving the support to interview candidates; further choice is ensured offering team and key worker options. In short, we expect our staff to remove all barriers and stigma associated with needing support; we work alongside the person to empower their identity. 

We do not believe in a one size fits all model of care, our staff are trained using unique, responsive methods for each person ‘in house’, in addition to the mandatory training. Our senior management care team offer observational visits and advise on behavioural interventions, individual approaches, building confidence and emotional resilience, person centred care planning and aspirational future planning. Together our team includes learning disability nurses, behavioural specialists and experienced mentors having knowledge and experience working across all care sectors; learning disability, low and medium secure services, forensic, mental health, the elderly, children, residential, nursing, supported living, day care and outreach.

Our charity operates efficiently to ensure the long term financial sustainability and stability of all services. We reserve costs by having a board of trustees who work voluntarily to steer our mission and guarantee good governance.