Registered Care

Pye Nest offers accommodation for people diagnosed with a learning disability from the age of 18; there is no upper age limit and male or female accommodation is available. All people referred to the service, and any subsequent placement offer will be determined following a holistic assessment and our ability to meet the person’s needs. It is also essential that those already residing within the service and the person referred are compatible; staged introductions, phased transition and choice are important within shared services. 

Pye Nest is able to offer services to people with physical disabilities, or secondary neurological conditions including mental illness / disorders, brain injury and dementia.  

The service currently houses six people with learning disabilities comprising of a three story home separated into two individual dwellings. The ground floor boasts two generous size living rooms and communal kitchen, along the front of the property is a large porch having space to accommodate outdoor seating. The upstairs has double bedrooms and shared bathroom facilities. The basement level opens up onto the homes drive and front garden area. This is a one bedroomed area offering a good size living room, kitchen and bathroom and can comfortably accommodate 1 person or co-habiting couple. 

Pye Nest is committed to person centred individualised care, supporting people to develop independent skills and realise personal goals and aspirations.